Summer Kick-Off

The FILA Family Campout is a tradition that we all look forward to every spring.  At the end of the school year, after the awards have been given, and after the hustle-bustle of the Shakespeare play, FILA families like to kick off the summer by going camping with their families at Zion Campground in Belfair, Washington.  The Campground is huge, and has something for everyone.  There is a playground and a large, grassy field.  Like archery or volleyball?  It’s got that, too.  Perhaps the favorite attraction for all is the lake.  The camp property sits on the edge of Coon Lake, and has its own large dock, complete with a slide.  Docked along the edges are paddle boats, row boats and paddle boards.    When parents aren’t splashing in the water, you can find them relaxing under the shady tree in their folding chair.   Ahhh.  Is it summer yet?  I hope you and your family will join us the first week of June at Zion Campground.  I’ll save a s’more for you.

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