Life as a Homeschooler in Quarantine

by Arianna Sota

Extroverts are dying from being stuck inside and need to socialize, but on the other hand introverts are loving this quarantine. It gives them an excuse to not be social, and to stay in their rooms. Introverts have been practically preparing for this their whole lives.    

One person I interviewed said that she was worried about her grandmother because she has a bad immune system. I have to agree with her, lately I’ve been worried about the same thing. I live with my grandparents, so when I leave my house I’m constantly afraid that I might be bringing home the Coronavirus to them or my mom who has asthma.

Many activities we were looking forward to have been cancelled. This virus is messing up vacations, birthdays, and traditions. Many movies that we were looking forward to have been postponed until it’s safe. A lot of birthday plans are having to be changed. Weddings! Those poor brides. We can’t even go to the park or to the library.

I can’t wait for school to be back, the libraries and restaurants to open, and things to return to normal! Hopefully everyone is staying healthy and safe.  

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